Unconscious Subtle Energy to Conscious Action

Empower & Transformation

Fengshui Master Elly provides a unique service that helps people see the subtle energy behind their actions and consequences, helps people make conscious decisions and actions, and empowers people to reach their highest potential.

Main Services


One-on-one Coaching

Master Elly assists and helps you release stagnated energy, past life trauma, and healing, unlock the hidden gifts of your life, reach for the highest potential, and achieve goals in life.


Fengshui Consultation

Provide Fengshui service in your home and business to bring harmony, prosperity, abundance, love, and longevity into your life.


Workshops & Seminars

Master Elly offers different workshops and seminars for self-improvement, empowerment, and mastery.

She provides in-person and online services worldwide through Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Wechat, etc.


What Clients Are Saying

“Fengshui Master Elly has worked with my Inner Child. She asked me questions and gave my Inner Child guidance. This made me discover more about my Inner Child I had not been aware of before. For example, I discovered my Inner Child had two aspects of itself. Elly worked with it, and through Elly, my Inner Child got recognized in a sweet way that was very personal for me and had a lot of meaning. It worked because I could not even find my Inner Child afterward. There was a peaceful change in me .”

P. D., Canada 

“Fengshui Master Elly’s elegance, presence & wisdom transformed me. She mirrored back to me that my life is all about work. I know this & want to change, but I haven’t made the change. Having her assess my house & make changes made all the difference. I know the inner reflects the outer, so I tried to keep harmony in my house, but you need an outside view. Someone else looking in can show you what you couldn’t see yourself…”

Dr. Matea, Los Angels

“This is an amazing consulting experience with Fengshui master Elly. I always felt that I owed someone something, but after one spiritual session with her, I felt so much light in my body and never had this experience.  Thank you, Elly; I love you. The shackle has been holding me down for many years, finally released .”

Tammy, San Diego

“Lots of “activity,” so there is no opportunity to converse about the eternal – if you know what I mean.  After one Fengshui with Elly, getting together with someone has been a lot of fun in advancing my relationship sector. “

Dana, San Diego

Elly helped me receive spiritual guidance on what I can do to alleviate stress. I was able to connect with my spiritual team, and they showed me my new bathtub that I have yet to take a bath in. I have been wanting to take a bath to relax (even purchased Epsom salt weeks ago with the intent) but found that I had discomfort and fear with baths. I’m not sure where it comes from, but at this point, I don’t think it matters much because once my spiritual guide showed me the tub, Elly led me to a serene place of water where she had me walk in slowly, and then play around in the water. The water was cool and cleansing, and I felt safe. I then received more guidance about my worth and a reminder from a teacher’s higher self that I am worthy of love. It was very powerful, and I am very grateful that Elly was able to tune in and help. I’m excited to take a bath and will close my eyes to take myself back to the same serenity Elly led me to.

Einar, San Diego

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