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Hi, I am Elly,

Fengshui Master & Energy Healer

Helping You Find Life Purpose and Empowering You to Reach Your Highest Potential by Unitizing Various Techniques such as Fengshui, Energy Healing, Oracle, Astrology, Channeling, and Hypnosis.

Fengshui Master

Elly is a name my soul chooses, Zhou is my ancient family lineage, and Lolly refers to joy and happiness, so Elly Zhou Lolly is a new integrated name that leads me to a new expression path or destiny, a master number 11, which acts as a bridge between east and west, ancient and modern, science and spirituality, this and another world.

Ever since I was young, I have wondered why I am here on the earth, why I was born into my family, and what my purpose was.

When I was six, I dreamed of standing above the earth, watching the sky. Many planets seemed to be moving around randomly, but they all managed to bounce off whenever they got closer without crashing into each other; I saw a fleet of spaceships roaming around in the sky. Of course, one of the worst nightmares in my childhood dreams was falling into a deep blackness. Growing up in the beautiful countryside of China, as a child, I loved to watch the stars at night and wonder what was out there.

I had so much love to give but was never valued as a girl in a traditional family. Education seemed the only way to gain recognition, so I competed in school, yet it was never good enough if you were not in the top three of the class. Being a modern Chinese woman feels like a beautiful sword with double edges: it is sharp, swift, and competitive, but you always get hurt one way or another unless you become the sword master.

Education advancement, science, technology, and material possessions did not answer my soul’s question of my purpose until I ventured far into the spiritual world, the mysteries of life.

As I quest for spiritual knowledge and understanding, I developed a heightened sense of psychic ability and intuition from energy healing, past-life regression, meditation, channeling, and communicating with Angels and Aliens, to name a few.

I feel I get to see the full spectrum of science and spirituality. For example, the first high-tech SoC chip, Snapdrogan 801, which I helped manage, ran a helicopter named Ingenuity on Mars on February 18, 2021. On October 8, 2021, a group of star beings from Arcturus, Lyra, and Pleiades were communicating with me telepathically and wanted the world to know they existed. So it appears earthlings and star beings are running on many fronts spontaneously.

It took me many years of searching, analyzing, and validating to find my truth and overcome many obstacles and challenges to find my purpose in life.

  • Understood why my soul chose my family lineage to the kings of the Zhou dynasty (1100 B.C.E), the author of “The Book of Change,” it was my calling to carry the family legacy and expand the ancient wisdom to the world.
  • I understood why I decided to be a woman, not a man, this lifetime to heal the inequality between men and women within my DNA.
  • I understood why I chose love and adventure over family tradition to regain my feminine power, independence, freedom, and peace.
  • I understood why the universe throws me a curve ball to shift me from pursuing individual material success and advancement into spirituality and humanity.
  • Guess the universe always has big plans for us; it is just our conscious mind cannot easily access our unconscious mind to realize the grand nature of our true being.

through my own empowering experiences, I feel can help empower many of you to find your purpose and meaning in life and live to your highest potential.

Fengshui Master Elly
Master Elly

We are the creators of our reality. We exist in forms of energy, and our thought patterns and belief systems affect our lives. S0 thinks positively and dreams big like an Avatar.

Topics I Can Help You With


Connecting to your higher self, the source of creation, spiritual guide, loved ones, and star family.

Finding Purpose -Astrology

Finding your purpose in life. Each soul has a general plan before incarnating into the earth; based on your numerology and astrology, we can discover your purpose.

Vision – Goal Setting

Set intention, have a vision, and make a plan, then manifest with synchronicity. Be mindful of your subconscious desires.

Fulfillment -Achieving Goals

Leading your unique path, accepting your identity, and riding your blissful journey. Through Hypnosis, you can override your negative imprint and achieve any goals you set.

Self Improvement

Supporting you and being the soundboard of your self-improvement process journey. Change is from Within.

Being mindful of the thoughts and emotions. Our perception creates our realities.

Confidence -Soul retrieving

Release wounds and hurt of the past trauma energetically and restore confidence. Integrating your lost souls (soul-retrieving ) -the part that is frozen in time.

Feng Shui -Adjusting Energy

The environment affects your health, well-being, and prosperity in life, and so does your intention, perceptions, patterns of behavior, and beliefs.

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