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Feng Shui 风水

What is Feng Shui 风水? Feng 风 is the wind, and Shui 水 is the water; Feng Shui is about the movement and flow of energy called Qi. Qi energy refers to magnetic fields and electronic currents, or quantum fields. Feng Shui is the ancient study of our environment and human existence on Earth. It is based on the basic building block of “The Book of Change, ” called Bagua/ Eight trigrams. The one used for Feng Shui is King Zhou Bagua, as the image is shown here with the Z logo embedded under it.

The Bagua is multidimensional; it could be a 2D Plane, 3D Space orientation, 4D Time and Space Circle, 5D Parallel Universe, 6D (64 Gua), or more dimensions. The Chinese name Zhou 周 means cycle, circumference, circuit, periphery, weekly, all around, and whole. Now we can see why King Zhou named his Dynasty Zhou.

Human beings receive and transmit Qi energy. Fengshui helps manage energy flow with space-time orientations to reach harmony and balance.

King Zhou Bagua

Feng Shui Service

Master Elly has provided Fengshui consultation for individuals and businesses since 2006. She offers the following services:

a. Home Fengshui service. Your home environment is essential to your business, marriage, relationship, fame, wealth, health, and success. If you have any issues related to above fields, then maybe it is time for a Fengshui Service.
b.  Buy or Selling Real Estate:  it does not matter if you are a real estate broker, or the owner, before you make a major decision, will be it is best to let Master Elly take a look of the home or investiment to see if it is a best fit. 
买卖房子:不管你是房产经纪人 还是买主,在你决定买房子之前让Elly 帮你把一次关,提供宝贵意见作为参考。
c.  Fengshui Service for small business, restaurant, or office  of lawyers, accountants, psychologist, professional trainer, doctors etc. by examining the business structure, orientation, traffic flow, setting, product display, Master Elly provide fengshui suggestions and adjustment in relation to success and prosperity.   
对于小型企业或专业办公室: 如律师,会计师,心理学家,教练,牙医等,将通过查看商业建构,坐向,流通,座位安排,商品的摆设等等来考察其繁荣跟商业健康问题,提供改变建议。
d. Fengshui Service for medium-sized businesses: Will consider the business in terms of marketing/sales, brand, operations, services and products, resources, customer service, market competition and leadership, and make recommendations for changes 
对于中等规模的企业: 将从市场/销售,品牌,运营,服务和产品,资源,客户服务,市场竞争和领导等方面考虑业务,并提出改变建议
e.  Executive Package: Designed for busy executives, Feng Shui services will be provided to your family, company, and individual to help you improve your health, success, and happiness.
行政套餐:专为繁忙的行政人员设计的,将会对你的家庭, 公司, 以及个人提供风水服务,以帮助您改善健康,成功和幸福。
f.  Individual Fengshui Service: the human body is made of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies, by examing the flow of energy, Master Elly can assist and help you align to your highest potential and harmoney. 
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