The Book of Change

I Ching 周易 Oracle

64 hexagram

“The Book of Change” is called “Zhou Yi (周易), the Book of Zhou, and It is an oracle. It was written by King Wen Zhou (周文王姬昌) (1152 B.C.E―1056 B.C.E), and his 4th son, Duke of Zhou(周公姬旦)(1042B.C.E-1035B.C. E) which were Elly(周立群)’s direct ancestors.

“The Book of Change” is a classic in which Heaven, Man, Earth, and Dao are one. In addition to divination, the idea of ​​yin and yang changes can be seen in ancient Chinese philosophy, religion, politics, economy, medicine, astronomy, arithmetic, literature, music, art, military and martial arts. For thousands of years, Chinese philosophers headed by Confucianism and Taoism have continued to learn, pass on, and pass down to this day.


Master Elly has mapped the DNA Code with 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. There are many applications waiting to be discovered and please check back with us on workshops on I Ching teaching.


Human Consciousness & I Ching

Human consciousness is energy and vibrations. We can divide consciousness into many levels based on the vibration, such as Dimensions, each dimension represents certain vibration and energy.

There are a total of 15 dimensions and three in a set. if you look at the number associated with each qua of the I Ching, the vertical and horizontal arrangement is in the total of #15. Chinese legend says such a metathetic counting was from ” 河图 洛书“ some map on the back of a turtle, maybe some high dimensional beings or aliens or ancestors given to the ancient sages, also the legend says the Chinese Ancestor was from Lyra.

From 12 D (Avatar )human beings, It appears human beings have been downgraded into many dimensions and ended up in the lower density 3D Earth space due to some kind of war or manipulation that occurred in the distant past. Since every 26,000 years is a cycle, and the last one ended on 12/21/2012 based on the Mayan Long Calendar where we enter into an ascension cycle which means it is time for human beings to find their way home and connect to their true divine self.

”天人合一 heaven and human are one ” has been one of the essences of I Ching, which is the same as the Tao. So wish everyone is finding a way back to the source of creation and back to the Divine Self or Higher Self.

Elly’s Calling to Expand the Family Legacy -IChing & Fengshui

A car accident in 2003 shifted Elly’s reality and trigged many events. She started soul searching and wanted to know her life purpose, which led her to an Astrologist, Amber Lynn, in San Diego. Amber informs her purpose in life is about “relationships” and “insists” Elly practices Fengshui rather than being a real estate broker.  Elly resisted at first, but something Amber said felt true in her heart was that she feels the energy in the space of a home environment, so she agreed to start with ” The Book of Change,” which is the foundation of Fengshui。

In the year 2005, while she was learning “The Book of Change” and other Fengshui-related subjects.  Elly’s family in China was renewing their family tree for the first time since 1949. Traditionally, only sons can be recorded in the family tree; however, since China had a one-child policy, now daughters can also be on the family tree. Elly, the oldest daughter, a newly divorced woman with an American child, could be recorded in her Chinese family tree.  

When Elly received her renewed family tree, she was in tears to discover that her lineage traces back to the kings of Zhou, especially to the Duke of the Zhou. Also, she was going through a spiritual awakening and received a crystal related to Lord Lanto, another name for the Duke of the Zhou. She profoundly knew it was her calling to carry out her family legacy after so many mysterious coincidences.

On 12/21/2010, she first founded a non-profit spiritual center Temple Beautiful. She was practicing Fengshui on the side while working in a high-tech company. In 2018, after her son went to college, she felt it was time to entirely focus on her calling, so she left the high-tech company and started Z Empowerment Inc on 01/18/2018.

Over the past 20 years, Elly had to overcome many obstacles and face her deepest fears, rejections, and projections to empower her to be a way-shower. Gain independence, freedom, and peace; learn forgiveness and compassion. Understands the world is not built on the polarity of Yin and Yang; there is a neutral place for unity and reset; technology, science, and spirituality can be mixed. Change is inevitable, yet we can set our intention to work towards our goals rather than reacting to life’s current.

Besides being a Fengshui Master, Elly is ready to teach “The Book of Change” and expand its wisdom. She spent two years translating the book into English, which will soon be published and used as a teaching reference.

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