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“The Book of Change” is also known as “The Book of Zhou”, and I Ching. It was written by King Wen Zhou (周文王姬昌) (1152 B.C.E―1056 B.C.E), and his 4th son, Duke of Zhou (周公姬旦)(1042 B.C.E―1035 B.C.E).

“The Book of Change” is a classic that unites Heaven, Man, Earth, and Dao. The concept of yin and yang changes is not limited to divination; it was also prevalent in ancient Chinese literature, music, art, politics, economy, astronomy, medicine, philosophy, religion, and martial arts.

Chinese philosophers and sages, guided by Taoism and Confucianism, have been learning, teaching, and passing on their wisdom for thousands of years.

According to the I Ching, The Book of Change, the universe began in the state of void (WuJi); the void (Wuji) gave birth to chaos (Tiji); chaos gave birth to Yin and Yang duality; Yin and Yang gave birth to four images (Pure Yang, Pure Yin, Little Yang, and Little Yin), and the four images gave birth to eight trigrams. The Eight Trigrams create material things on Earth.

“The Book of Change” comprises 64 hexagrams, which are a combination of lower and upper trigrams, and depicts the various combinations of the Yin and Yang dualism in the three respects of heaven, mankind, and earth before repeating itself.

I Ching and DNA Mapping

Master Elly has mapped the DNA Code with 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. “The Book of Change” has many applications that are just waiting to be explored.

15D Multiverse Consciousness


Human consciousness is an energy vibration. We can categorize consciousness into several levels based on energy vibrations and dimensions. There are 15 dimensions, with three sets inside a group of five. Master Elly created this graphic to illustrate to you the 15-dimensional consciousnesses of the Eastern Tao and Western Spiritual Teachings. One of the most important principles of the I Ching is that heaven and humanity are one “天人合一”.

Many 12-D Avatars have reduced their frequency descended into 3D dualism and forgotten their divine essence, as they embark on their earthly voyage. There are numerous reasons why people lose touch with their divine essence once they have incarnated on Earth, however, we are primarily here to discover our mission and journey.

According to the Mayan Calendar, every 26,000 years is a cycle, and the last one concluded on December 21, 2012. We are now entering an ascension cycle, which means it is time for humans to return home and reconnect with their actual divine essence.

Since we can now communicate instantaneously, the digital era is evidence that humanity has evolved into a five-dimensional consciousness. People’s psychic abilities also grow as their awareness grows, as does their connection to other celestial entities, leading to experiences such as contact with aliens. A large number of people have realized their divine nature.

How do you discover your divine gifts and calling?


We live on the planet Earth, which is part of the solar system. Our earth, together with the other eight plants, revolves around the sun, which in turn revolves around another sun in our cosmos. Each planet in the solar system, as well as other star systems in the background of the sun’s voyage, influences our incarnate personality, known as zodiac signs. Both Western and Eastern astrology investigate the impact of the celestial system on the human psyche. In Western astrology, the date and time of birth, particularly the moon’s south and north nodes, might reveal your soul’s journey.

Channeling and Mediumship

Channeling occurs when a person directly downloads information from higher sources. Mediumship is when someone works as a go-between, translating information from higher sources.


Past life regression allows us to explore our soul’s journey over multiple lifetimes. It makes no difference whether the lifetime was on Earth or another planet. Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways for a person’s higher self to guide them back into their subconscious mind, which holds all of their creations’ memories and information.  


The most effective technique to connect with one’s inner wisdom and gifts is through meditation.

How did Master Elly discover her Gifts and Calling?

A car accident affected Elly’s life in 2003, which left her with a brain concussion, resulting in a divorce and job loss in 2005. To alleviate the pain, she went into meditation; to heal her emotional traumas, she embarked on a spiritual journey. It begins with a book titled “The Law of Attraction,” and then everything comes into place in a mysterious and synchronistic manner. She recovered from the brain injury, healed from other physical illnesses, and learned to forgive.

She wants to know her purpose in life and reestablish her career, which leads her to Amber Lynn, an astrologer in San Diego. Amber told Elly that her life’s purpose is relationships, and insisted she practice fengshui, not being a real estate broker. During the session, Elly resisted the idea at first, but something Amber said felt true in her heart: she does feel the energy in the home space and tends to move things around.  So, she agreed to read “The Book of Change,” which is the foundation of Fengshui. To her surprise, learning the book of Change and Fengshui was easy.  Years later, Elly realized Amber’s “insist” was channeling from her higher source.

One day, her father asked her if she wanted a copy of her family tree. Her family in China was renewing their family tree for the first time since 1949. Traditionally, only sons can be recorded in the family tree; however, since China had a one-child policy, now daughters can also be on the family tree. Elly, the oldest daughter, is officially being recorded in her Chinese family tree.  When she received her family tree, she was in tears to discover that her lineage traces back to the kings of Zhou, especially to the Duke of Zhou. Elly was asked to anchor an ethereal temple to earth due to her lineage, so on December 21, 2010, Temple Beautiful was born and is about self-mastery.

In her early years in the feng shui profession, she discovered that nothing changes if people do not adjust their thinking. There is an intriguing energy interplay between humans and their surroundings. She went on to research the human consciousness. To support herself financially, she started to work in a high-tech firm as a member of the management team, working with human connections in the workplace in 2010.

On 1/18/2018, after her son went to college, she felt it was time to focus on her calling to empower others, so she left the high-tech company and started Z Empowerment Inc. Over the years, she had to overcome many obstacles and face her deepest fears, rejections, and projections to empower herself to be a way-shower. As part of the human design profile 6/2 Role Model Hermit,  she has to go through her trials and errors to be a role model. She is here to show us all how to live authentically without being dependent on outside authorities and to realize and accept our unique perfection.

In the year 2021, an event occurred where Elly spent three months channeling all kinds of beings, from Olympic gods to fairies, from angles to star beings, spirits, and guides. It was like a galactic party where everyone was involved. The Arcturians worked with her throat chakra for a week so she could directly channel rather than translate the message; they wanted her to show her channeled material to the public through digital media rather than automate writing. You can find some of that channeled material on her YouTube channel, Starbeing Channelings. Also, you can follow her on TikTok at @ellylolly1, where she gives live reading and channeling.

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